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You, as first years are all eligible to become members of IECSE. Click here to become a member. There are many benefits of being an IECSE member. Some of these benefits are:

All Events free: Regardless of whether an event is paid or not, all open events are always free for iecse members. This is valid for weekly meets like code designs meets and major fests like Prometheus alike.

Members-only events: Through the course of the year, we organize some events which are exclusively for IECSE members. Last year, we saw immense participating Founders’ Weekend, 3 days of coding workshops, competitions and talks culminating in a tech quiz. This year, along similar lines, we will be organizing another members’ only event, Genesis.

Certificates: Every time you attend one of our events, you learn something new that college probably won’t have taught you. As a member of IECSE you also get a certificate when you attend weekly events regularly, participate in competitions, and attend longer events such as Pixel Week

Members’ Portal: This year, we are launching a platform exclusively for our members. Using this portal you can stay up-to-date with all our upcoming events and workshops. You can also check the events that you have attended in the past.

Later this year we will unroll a major upgrade with which you can receive and verify your IECSE certificates. The upgraded portal will also have a tutorials section where we will add resources for learning various languages, technologies and frameworks targeted at the student populace.

You can become an IECSE member by registering at one of our registering desks setup outside the seminar hall, Student Plaza and Food Court by paying a nomial fee of Rs 300/-

You have successfully started the registration process for IECSE's Membership Drive. Present this temporary QR code at the nearest IECSE info desk after the General Body Meeting to complete the registration procedure and obtain your membership card. A copy of this QR code has been mailed to you.

The Working Committee of IECSE works closely with the Management Committee and Executive Board to organize and learn at events. As a WC member, you will interact with and learn from some of the smartest developers, designers and coders on campus. We are on a journey to uplift the technical culture of this institute while pushing our own capabilities to the edge, and this is your chance to get in on the action.

Understanding that many first years do not have much experience with coding, only the zeal to learn, the working committee recruitments focus on your general aptitude and your passion to be better at your art.

That being said, we are on a constant look out for the talented amongst you and so we invite you to bring any projects that you may have to showcase your skill set at the recruitments.

You can also participate in our competitive coding event, specially for the first year students. The best performers from this contest get a direct entry to the Working Committee.

To participate, visit this link https://hackerrank.com/iecse-freshers-codesprint

Come be a part of us.
About Us
IECSE is the largest technical and official computer science club of Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal. Established in 2007, the club has made massive advancements, from organizing just a couple of events in its early years, to hosting online events with international participation.

IECSE Manipal aims at spreading technical knowledge among students. It strives to keep its members updated with the latest happenings in the world of computers, providing students with everything from information about gadgets to knowledge of various programming languages, software & other latest technological developments.
IECSE aims at helping the students of MIT obtain technical knowledge, gain exposure to the latest technology, and uplift the overall computer science culture by delivering high quality events like workshops and competitions in various departments ranging from web developement, graphic design and general programming.

Committed to helping our community, we help underprivileged children in local schools around Manipal learn how to use technology.
Founded 11 years ago
Over 16 different workshops

150+ events conducted
Over 7500+ attendees
What We Do

Computer programming is at the core of our DNA. We want to uplift the coding culture at MIT to bring it at par with other leading institutions. Our weekly 'Codemeets' sessions help enhance one's coding skills, being extremely helpful in competitive coding. The meetings cover various concepts and algorithms which are used to crack tough problems with high efficiency.
We have the best Web Developers in Manipal. From amazing websites like the one on your screen, to events like our massive 72- hour online cryptic hunt called HawkEye, IECSE does it all. Our web team organizes several workshops and events based on web development, like the bi-weekly 'Web Meets' which helps even newbies, build professional websites with ease.
Like Steve Jobs, we believe that "Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."
Our in-house design studio consists of creative enthusiasts who work together to make MIT a more artistic place. It provides an environment for budding designers to share, learn, grow and to collaborate with the best designers in Manipal.
This domain was created with the aim of making Machine Learning accessible to everyone, with the goal to create an environment where every enthusiast can explore this exciting, fast paced field. This domain has an exclusive part to play in promoting research culture in our club as well as in and around Manipal.
Hashtag is IECSE's very own technical blog. Not only does it contain amazing articles, penned by our own in-house team, but also a technical view on what's happening around manipal. All new accomplished and projects undertaken by students and faculty of Manipal University are also present.
Google Developer Groups (GDG) are for those who are interested in Google's Developer Technology; everything from Android, Chrome, Drive and Google Cloud platforms, to product API's. GDG usually attracts large gatherings for demos, tech talks, code sprints & hackathons.
"What a computer is to me is the most remarkable tool that we have ever come up with. It's the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds."

- Steve Jobs
Our Team
Dhruvik Chevli
Nimesh Nawalakha
Vice Chairperson
Devesh Mahajan
General Secretary
Samadrita Karak

Devang Arora
Technical Head
Ameya Rele
Technical Head
Swadhin Routray
Head of Web Development
Keoul Patel
Head of Web Development

Sanchit Sahay
Project Head
Soham Tiwari
Head of Machine Learning
Ansh Bhagania
Head of Design & Publicity
Sayantan Karmakar
Head of Design

Deepak George Chacko
Head of Human Resources
Ayush Dasgupta
Head of Public Relations
Jeet Mehta
Head of Sponsorship
Contact Us
Get in touch. We would love to collaborate and work as a team.

If you have other queries, drop a mail at [email protected]
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